Up to the Challenge

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8x10 inches, edition of 250
11x14 inches, edition of 150
20x24 inches, edition of 50

All prints are signed and numbered on an Authenticity Card

Whether it is due to a dare, or the desire to be a daredevil, the blue balloon is ready to explore space. Possibly, he (being blue) is willing to do anything to get the attention of her (being pink), even if it is risking life and limb.

I create still lifes that tend to be anything but still. Props become my anthropomorphic characters acting out dramas on soda pop stages. With oil on a brush, I immortalize their activity. By infusing these inanimate objects with a personality I am able to explore the human narrative outside of personal biases and leanings. Often I find the resulting stories quite amusing.

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Type: Illustration