Home Sweet Home (B)

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'Home Sweet Home' is a series of digitally hyper-colored photographs based on 3-dimensional handmade mixed-media dioramas. This 'Sparkleworld' lies somewhere between the real world and the virtual worlds of games, social networks, storybooks and pure fantasy. Sculpted first in 3D with resin, nails, toy parts, glitter and paint, my aim is to create a mentally enterable arena where memory and imagination can roam. My work is inspired by the blurring boundaries between dream and waking activities, the implications of our rapidly increasing interconnectivity and the evolution of an intuitively navigable collective memory. The color variations allow me to play with lighting moods for my little realms, further allowing us to step into a dreamworld that is familiar yet significantly different each time.

All prints are are printed on 100% cotton rag paper using inkjet archival pigments and are accompanied by an authenticity card containing the edition number and the artist's scanned signature.

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Type: Photography