Elephant and Elephant Shrew

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8x10 inches, edition of 250
11x14 inches, edition of 150
20x24 inches, edition of 50

All prints are signed and numbered on an Authenticity Card.

With my images I strive to cultivate fascination, curiosity and excitement for the natural world and its inhabitants. Many of the species I choose to depict are threatened or lesser known creatures.

Aside for the obvious similarity of their long trunks, the Asian Elephant and the Golden-rumped Elephant Shrew have fairly little in common. The shrew makes its home in Africa, while the Asian Elephant of course makes its home in Asia. The Elephant Shrew weighs less than a kilogram, while the Asian Elephant can weigh up to 5000 kilograms. The shrew dines on small invertebrates while the elephant prefers a diet of grasses, plants and trees. Not a ton of common ground, but oh those trunks.

One unfortunate similarity is that the Asian Elephant and Golden-Rumped Elephant Shrew are both listed as endangered species.

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Type: Illustration