Confections #63

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8x10 inches, edition of 250
11x14 inches, edition of 150
20x24 inches, edition of 50
All prints are signed and numbered on an Authenticity Card

The Confections series began as a response to my 30th birthday. It was a celebration of birthdays, color, pattern and obsessive absurdity. My original idea was to bake 30 birthday cakes for myself and photograph them. I didn't quite make it to 30 cakes in time for the original show, but I sure was inspired to continue the series. I ordered a cake decorating kit online and watched an instructional video. When I quickly discovered my cakes were never going to look like the ones in the video and the pamphlet, I decided to leave them in their exuberantly imperfect states.

In the course of eight years, this series has evolved into something less about birthdays and more about a humorous, feminist criticism on life and our struggles for perfection.

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Type: Photography