Baby Elephant

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8x10 inches, edition of 250
11x14 inches, edition of 150
20x24 inches, edition of 50
All prints are signed and numbered on an Authenticity Card.

I have always had a fascination with the animal kingdom. Even as a child, I used to spend hours with an encyclopedia of fauna that my parents gave to me as a present. I guess this has been the most natural and simple way for me to get closer to it.”Zoo Portraits was born as an advertising project in 2013, turning into an Internet viral phenomenon that motivated its author, Yago Partal, to continue working on this collection of images until today. These animals with clothes have been so well accepted by the public that several product lines have been developed around it, and they have even traveled to places like Tokyo, Montreal, Cambodia, Monaco or Paris to be shown in exhibitions.“The idea started as a proposal to publicize a photography website for models, actors and actresses, and I never expected it to become such a success on the Internet. I created frontal portraits of many animals and I dressed them up spontaneously.

More animals will be added to the Zoo Portraits collection bit by bit, as the interest of the public in these special creatures keeps growing. 

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Type: Photography