A Little Girl's Bookshelf

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8x10 inches, edition of 250
11x14 inches, edition of 150
20x24 inches, edition of 50

All prints are signed and numbered on an Authenticity Card


The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams was one of my favorite books as a young child. There's a bit where the Skin Horse is speaking to the Rabbit and tells him that real isn't how you are made, it's a thing that happens to you. To me there's magic and truth in that idea - that we become real by being loved, and so do the objects we surround ourselves with. So, the Bookshelf pieces are inspired by the books and stories themselves and by the idea that to read a book over and over, to live with it and to love it, makes it real and connects it forever to the life of the reader.

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Type: Illustration