Affordable, limited edition art for kids -- starting at $55 a pop!

To enrich and inspire
At LittleCollector we are committed to inspiring the next generation of art lovers through the presentation of accessible, educational and exciting contemporary art just for kids. We believe that developing a love of art is an essential part of childhood and a fundamental creative experience. Good things happen when art becomes part of any home.
Original artwork for kids
Only on LittleCollector will you find original works of art created by world-renowned artists geared towards the active imaginations of children. Our limited-edition prints are priced to be affordable for families and we make framing a snap with our four custom framing options. Your prints will arrive on your doorstep custom framed with a hanger and nail ready for the wall!



Maria Brito, Author, Interior Designer and Art Consultant
"My boys' current bedroom reflects who they are. It is fun, colorful,
and joyous. I also wanted my sons to have their own experiences living
with contemporary art, so I listened to their opinions when selecting
the pieces in the room." -Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping by
Maria Brito, 2013.


Carl E Smith, Owner of CES Contemporary Art Gallery

"My decision to get my son, Sean (almost 8 now - was 5 at first involvement) was based on my desire to have him start to experience art in a variety of formats from a young age. As a gallerist and collector, I am constantly making sure he is exposed to my world and I loved and embraced the possibility for him to go on a guided educational tour of some of the most forward international contemporary art."

Maite Montenegro, co-owner of the Restaurant & Cocktail Bar La Madame
in San Sebastian
"With my kids, all their toys, clothes, taste, seem to be so
ephemeral... I like the idea of investing in something that they can
always keep and maybe one day pass along to their own children.  They
both love their little collection and Lucas, who is 4, already asks:
mami, more paintings please!!! "

Erica Domesek, Founder of PSIMadeThis
"I love my Libby Black alphabet print. It hangs above my desk, and
every time I look at it- it makes me smile!"


Makes a great and lasting gift!