About Us

Introducing LittleCollector, a new best friend for both you and your little one!

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 Who: LittleCollector is ArtStar’s younger sister who likes finger painting, blowing bubbles in chocolate milk, spinning in circles, and collecting limited edition contemporary art and sharing it with her friends.

What: Contemporary works of art including original works of art, limited edition prints, sculptures, toys, books, fabric, wearable sculpture, and even punching bags! LittleCollector is always combing the art scene for artists to crush on and pieces to love. There’s always something new and exciting happening when you’re friends with LittleCollector!

When: LittleCollector came into our lives via stork. Well, not exactly, but the idea was birthed from the realization that affordable contemporary art for kids was no where to be found. After searching high and low for a resource to bring fun and playful art into the lives of families and finding none that existed, LittleCollector popped in to take the art-for-mini-people scene by storm.

Where: LittleCollector is based in NYC, in the mecca for art and culture. Luckily, LittleCollector has a wild sense of adventure and will happily travel anywhere to make sure all the little one’s out there can decorate their bedrooms and play areas with beautiful art!

 Why: LittleCollector believes that art belongs to the children. The spaces of wild imagination, free-flowing creativity, and uninhibited expression are found nestled among the toys, books and artworks of our little ones. Magic happens everyday in the eyes of our children, and LittleCollector hopes to continually inspire our next generation of artists through our collection of limited edition pieces.

Meet Chrissy Crawford
A bit about the mama of LittleCollector

Chrissy Crawford is art lover, former art consultant, entrepreneur, and puppy enthusiast. She started LittlleCollector after her group of art aficionado friends found themselves disappointed with the lack of accessible art for kids. With the help of some very talented artists and through her own expansive knowledge of the art world, LittleCollector was born.

Chrissy’s mission is not only to bring art into the lives of families, but to promote the importance of art exposure and education to children’s development. Good things happen when there is more art in our lives.

Learn with LittleCollector - Art 101

LittleCollector loves learning about anything to do with art, and wants to share it all with you! Head on over to Art 101 for additional resources that will help engage your child in a deeper understanding of contemporary art. Don’t forget to pop by the blog for more fun including artist interviews, tips and guides, upcoming events, and more!