Donald Drawbertson is One Cool Dude!

We can hardly contain ourselves. Donald Robertson, ie Donald Drawbertson, is the Creative Director of Bobbi Brown cosmetics and was one of the original founders of MAC cosmetics. Besides being business savvy and an original creative genius, Drawbertson is an extremely talented illustrator and spends his early mornings manifesting his own unique designs. Known to get up at 4 am to draw and sketch, Drawbertson has been known to put out multiple works of art before work, a feit most artists envy after spending months agonizing over a single piece. 

Genius, yes. Artist, yes. Cool guy, yes. But what really strikes us about Drawbertson, is how awesome of a dad he is. We are among the X AMOUNT who stalk his instagram(@donalddrawbertson) to see the latest posts of his beautiful family and their NY home. We actually feel like we genuinely know him after watching him and his family through the  social media lens. 

We got the chance to talk with Drawbertson about his art, his career, and his role as dad of the year. 

LC: Your nickname is Donald Drawbertson, how much of your inspiration comes from "the dudes" and donut?
DD: I started using donut our daschund for scale in photos. So you could see how big a painting is.  It became a thing in itself. So funny! My identical twin newborns were almost made for instagramming.  They are a photo op waiting to happen every minute of the day! 


LC: What is your favorite creative family activity to do with your family?
I've said it before the best thing about raising your own humans is you can guide their movie taste. I love when ALL of us sit together and watch Moonrise Kingdom!  "No, not you, I said what kind of bird are you?"

LC: You have a pretty big family comprised of beautiful kids! What is your greatest piece of advice you can offer to new dads?
DD: Don't eat their left over chicken fingers. 


LC: What is your favorite kids movie or tv show?
DD: Good one we love Totero, Ponyo and Spirited away. Not dubbed! 

LC: What songs are you and your kids dancing to right now?
DD: Asher Roth ! Lake! HAIM! And Sleigh Bells.  One other great old one! Let me go check! One sec.  Vest plane de moi by plastic Bertrand 

LC: We hear you have a pretty unique schedule when you create your art. Can you tell us a bit about your process?

DD: Up at 4am ( sometimes 3:45 if I'm excited about an idea) then I'm off.  I like to catch the Brits before they leave for work. 

 LC: What artists do you look up to?

DD: I love this cool Canadian artist Alex Colville. I love pharrell I love Wes Anderson, I really like anyone who has a vision and a style point of view. Why wouldn't you? 


LC: If you could have any super power what would it be and why?
DD: I would be able to paint flesh  like John Currin. That is a super power!! 

LC: What are your top favorite pieces on LittleCollector?
DD: let me look....Those tattoos are cool huh. And I love that Goyard ABCs! So good.


        Goyard ABC by Libby Black                                 Nick Cave Temporary Tattoos $12




            Yayoi Kusama Soft Pumpkin                            Pink Castle by Shelter Serra






Annie Guill-Bollet
Annie Guill-Bollet


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