Big News! The Armory Show Links up with LC!

This year the Armory show, which will take place March 6-9, has teamed up with LittleCollector to facilitate a family and children's event on the last day of the show. Chrissy Crawford will be taking children through the show to allow them to engage with the art on their own terms. 

As Chrissy notes, "kids are not influenced by the artist’s reputation or perceived importance. They are purists and have very strong opinions and tastes based entirely on the image itself. It’s fun to watch their first experience with a Koons, LeWitt, or Navarro.”

The special breakfast followed by a kiddie-tailored tour on March 9th will not only provide an enjoyable afternoon for the families involved, but will reflect a larger message about the importance of art education to children through programs in the community and schools. 

The Little VIP Package that the Langham is offering to families is the perfect way introduce children to the limitless world of artistic expression. 


Click here to read the BlackBook Article featuring the event!

Annie Guill
Annie Guill


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