Off the Canvas and onto the Skateboard with Ryan McGinness

Who: Artist Ryan McGinness!

WhatCustom designed skateboards, perfect for your artistically inclined little thrill seeker

WhenStarting March 1st!

WhereAvailable at

WhyDynamic designs with explosions of shape and color on a skateboard...why not? Plus they'll look great as a set on the wall!


Ryan McGiness’s art has been likened to the work of Warhol due to his powerful play with shape, color, and iconic text and imaging. Each of his individual pieces, whether it be print or product, are unique yet each incorporates his signature visual dynamism. His art reflects the movement and culture of the skate and surf world around which he grew up: it is never without a sense of play and excitement. Ryan is a master of bringing together text, symbolic imaging, and deeper meaning in a way that is visually stimulating and utterly delightful.


Ryan’s artwork is not reserved for the canvas, but rather he brings the fun to such things as shirts, books, soccer balls and best of all, skateboards. We are so happy to offer Ryan’s signature collection of boards to you and your little one, who is sure to be the coolest kid at the playground riding one of these. 



   To join in more fun, visit Ryan here

Annie Guill
Annie Guill


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