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Lisa Congdon Wraps Us Up in Enchanting Fabrics!

Artist Lisa Congdon invites parents and children on an adventure to far away kingdoms and storybook lands. She is our first LittleCollector artist to offer beautiful fabrics that you can purchase by the bolt. You can turn them into handmade pillows, blankets, clothes animal friends, magic carpets, or wherever inspiration takes you! You and your little one can use Lisa's custom fabrics to create something magical together. 

Along with her fabulous fabrics, Lisa has created two pieces exclusively for LittleCollector! Inspired by medieval architecture and its whimsical connotation, Lisa has created prints that will delight your little prince or princess and add a dose of enchantment to the bedroom or play area.


Want more Lisa?
We do too! Visit her uplifting, art-inspired blog. Learn more about Lisa and watch Lisa talk about making art in this charming video interview!

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Matthew Sanocki
Matthew Sanocki


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