Playdate with Cricket's Circle!

Have you heard about Cricket's Circle?

It's parenting de-complicated. 

Mom-trepreneur and wonder woman Rachel Blumenthal began Cricket's Circle after searching in vain for an available resource to help her navigate the overwhelming reality of new motherhood. As the saying goes, kids don't come with a handbook, but Rachel's online collaborative community of parents is a way to share experiences of what to buy and when in a concise and easily understood forum. Once one subscribes, a short quiz determines what products, necessities, and accessories are most suitable based on the answers. Cricket's Circle wades through the slew of possible choices of everything from organic diaper cream to fashionable diaper bags, making life a whole lot easier. Especially when your time is taken up by being absolutely obsessed with your darling little one, you don't want to spend more time than needed choosing between bath toys. 

We had the chance to talk to the mom behind it all, who is connecting parents one magna tile at a time. 

LCWhat led you to start Cricket's Circle?

RB: While pregnant, I received over 40 excel spreadsheets with 200+ recommended baby items on each – it made my head spin! I thought I was a savvy shopper, but I felt completely overwhelmed and confused! I knew there had to be a better (and more streamlined) way. We not only want to help new and expectant parents understand what they should buy but why they should (or shouldn't) buy it. It's the context and personal details about each product that makes Cricket's Circle special.
LC:  What is your favorite children's book?

RB: Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg. I love how interactive it is (every page is an unexpected treat) and the spirit of imagination is perfectly told through his stories. 

LCWhat are 3 things every expecting mom needs to know?
RB: Your child helps you truly appreciate the small, special moments in life. Even on the craziest days, life freezes when I'm with him.
There's no "right" way to do something, but there are plenty of ways to try, and you should always ask for help and advice.
No matter how organized you are, it will always take you four times as long to get out of the house than you think. I always thought - "not me, I've got it together!" - and boy did my son prove me wrong.
Babies and kids are sponges, they want to know and learn everything which means they’re entertained by simplest activity (ie. cracking eggs and whipping them is thrilling to your little one - vacuuming is a big hit in our house right now!).

LCWhat are your 3 favorite LittleCollector pieces?

RB:  Goyards ABCFlowersand Kiss me

 LCWho is your favorite Sesame Street character?

RB: Cookie Monster, of course - who doesn't love cookies?! My son builds towers out of Magna Tiles and says "it's Cookie Monster's house!"
LC:  What song is your little one dancing to right now?

RB: Call Me Maybe is his favorite followed by Journey and The Hokey Pokey.

Cricket's Circle has quickly become LittleCollector's newest friend, and we want you to come play too!

Matthew Sanocki
Matthew Sanocki


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