Travel Around the World with Hayley Sarno and her Globe Trotting Animals

Illustrator Hayley has lived in New York for the past 10 years and worked as a jewelry designer for Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs among others.  LittleCollector approached her to create new paintings of animals at leisure in their native New York, Paris and Rome. We are thrilled with the results and asked Hayley to tell us more about each work. 



LittleCollector: How did you decide to put a giraffe in a Parisian cafe? 

Hayley Sarno: I love sitting in cafes – and everyone knows Paris is the most elegant city with the best cafes.  I wanted to put the silliest animal in a chic café, and for him to be very proud and give him an expression as if he absolutely belonged there – that is why he’s winking!



LC: Makes perfect sense to us! How about a lion at the Colosseum? 

HS: This lion is tough but he’s seen a lot of carnage and doesn’t want any more violence in his life.  That’s why he’s decided to become a vegetarian (instead of eating up Roman gladiators) and enjoy a lunch of Caprese salad in the shadow of the Colosseum.



LC: Now for the New York sporty seal. He is out of the water and enjoying a nice sail? 

HS: I love walking through Central Park and to watch the seals play at the Zoo.  I imagined a scene where one of the New York harbor seals is out for a joy ride sailing on the East River enjoying the afternoon sun and the beautiful Manhattan skyline.


LC: Are Flamingos local to Rome? 

HS: The Trevi Fountain has so many romantic connotations – sexy Anita Ekberg and young couples making wishes.  I just wanted to make a funny juxtaposition with goofy flamingos jumping into the water.  And I love their coral pink color!




LC: Thanks Hayley and we are excited for your more new work for LittleCollector. Any hints?

HS: They might stampede through Rome and are considered good luck!



Original paintings available here :



Chrissy Crawford
Chrissy Crawford


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