Kids Room Tours: Jenna Lyons

As Fashion Week wraps up, we're taking a look inside J.Crew creative director and fashion tastemaker Jenna Lyons' home for design inspiration. Lyons remodeled this Brooklyn brownstone in 2008 and her son Beckett's room is a great example of her timeless yet forward-thinking style.

Check out Jenna Lyons Home: The Complete View by HabituallyChic, originally posted August 20, 2009.

In Domino, Beckett was still sleeping in a crib.
In Livingetc he graduated to a big boy bed!
There also seems to be another bedroom on the floorplan and a basement. Wonder what those look like! I guess we'll have to wait until another magazine shoots Jenna's fabulous home! Kind of makes me want to move to Brooklyn...but only for a minute! Bon Weekend!
Thanks to Habitually Chic for this fabulous inspiration!
Also check out Jenna and Son by Libby Black, available on ArtStar.



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