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Decorating is challenging at the best of times and for busy parents creating fun, engaging kids' spaces that are both creative and practical can seem like a tall order. That's why we asked our friends at HomePolish, an exciting new design firm that is taking the guesswork (and the sticker-shock) out of interior design, how they do kids rooms. They paired us with designer Allison Lind, their resident kids' room expert, and she was kind enough to share with us some of her top design solutions for creative kids spaces.

Read Allison's picks below followed by our exclusive interview:
1. Color-in Wallpaper by Burgerplex
Coloring on the walls has never looked so good. I love how this wallpaper encourages the inner artist in all of us to run rampant - while creating a "one-of-a-kind" piece of decor for your kid's room.
2. Tree Bookshelf by Nurseryworks
This shelf brings a little woodsy whimsy to any space. Put your child's books on display in a fun and playful way that encourages them to pick a book off the branch - er, shelf - to read!
3. TODAY-SOMEDAY by Shantell Martin
I love Shantell Martin's imagination - it's inspiring for kids of all ages. Hang a set of her pieces over the bed to inspire fanciful dreaming, or select one favorite and opt for an enlarged print for a statement piece on a blank wall.
4. Puzzle Rug by Contra Forma
It puzzles me how someone couldn't love this decor gem... Let your kids go bonkers piecing together their own area rug. Choose an assortment of colors (10 pieces come in one set) and coordinate with the other colors in your space. And add on sets as needed to create the perfectly sized rug for your room.
5. Dachshund Night Light by OFFI
Man's (and kid's) best friend and the perfect night light - this Dachshung lamp will add a nice ambiance in your kid's room while giving them their very own dog to care for... that's just a bit less maintenance than the real thing. Place on a dresser or nightstand and let the little guy shine.
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Meet Allison:

Q: How did you get involved with Home Polish?

AL: I met with co-founders Noa and Will and fell in love with their concept for modernizing the interior design process. I had been attempting to do such a thing on my own, but that powerhouse duo had it all perfectly figured out – meaning now I just get to focus my energy and passion on making the client’s home perfectly their own.

Q: what is the biggest challenge you face when designing kids' rooms?

AL: Finding that perfect balance between what the kids want (i.e. rainbows and monkeys hanging from the ceiling) and what the parents want (i.e. a nice, clean space that can grow with the kids). They’re all my clients after all! But that’s part of the fun in working with kids’ rooms – it’s a challenging experience, but it’s a playtime of my own.

 Q: How can parents incorporate art into their children's spaces?

AL: Art can often be one of the most overlooked aspects of design, an afterthought.  But in reality art can make or break a space. Parents should look for pieces that speak to them, that ignite some sort of emotion or memory of their child’s life thus far. Does it represent your child in any way? Or inspire a life you hope they will lead? Or simply make them smile at the start of each day? If it doesn’t accomplish any of these things, it’s likely just a place filler. Avoid that and give them a piece that will become a meaningful part of their existence as they grow.



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