Chrissy Crawford on Gilt's Little Inspirations blog


In celebration of LittleCollector's sale TODAY on Gilt Baby & Kids, Chrissy is featured on Gilt's Little Inspirations blog speaking about her favorite picks from the sale.

From Little Inspirations, by Loren Chidoni: Having too much white wall space is a major decorating dilemma. It’s hard to find artwork — especially kids’ artwork — that will make a room feel like home. That’s why LittleCollector should be on every parent’s radar. The company partners with top contemporary artists who create engaging, kid-friendly (but never cheesy) designs both parents and kids will love. Founder Chrissy Crawford chose her favorite pieces from our sale, and revealed each artists’ motivation behind their masterpiece.

Flying Low by Matthew Carden
“When we approached photographer Matthew Carden about creating art for kids he thought of his own childhood in LA and decided to combine his two favorite things — Hot Wheels cars and fast food restaurants. Classic Americana for kids.”

Animal Stack by Jay Cover
“English Illustrator Jay Cover selected his favorite animals from the Encyclopedia of Natural History to reinterpret for children. He loves children’s natural love of animals and drew them with great whimsy and accessibility.”

Zeppelin Fly Me to the Moon by Yukie Yasui
“Japanese illustrator Yukie Yasui drew a boy taking an imaginary flight to the moon on his toy Zeppelin. I love this one because parents say their children will create stories around where the boy is going. It’s a great way to engage your children at bedtime and help them use their imagination to create narratives.”

Robotsonni by Sonni
“Sonni creates different characters throughout his work. In this piece, his little characters are creating a robot that is about to come to life. Notice the little guys helping with the robot’s shoes — too cute!”

This is My Globe by Yukie Yasui
“Yukie’s illustration shows a little boy day dreaming in his own fantasy world. I was a spacey kid who liked to day dream and can relate. I still want my own globe.”



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