Gallery Crawl: Koons at Gagosian and Nara at Pace

Last night the LittleCollector team trekked over to Chelsea to check out some of the bold name shows of the summer exhibition season. We stopped by the Jeff Koons exhibition at Gagosian Gallery and Yoshimoto Nara at Pace, and these two titans of the art world have very different work on display, although both interestingly show a trend towards monumentality. At Pace we loved Nara's colossal bronze heads which acquired a zen-like quality with their size; we can imagine them residing in an outdoor sculpture garden. Although made out of bronze, the surface of the sculptures is highly textured and almost "fuzzy" and shows Nara's handprints and fingerprints as he worked the surface.

At Gagosian we were blown away by Koons' giant balloon sculptures which appeared even larger than usual, particularly the 3 red, yellow and blue animals in the cavernous back room. The scale, placement and environment almost made it feel like being at Dia: Beacon with their monumental Serra sculptures, and gave these ubiquitous pieces a dose of presence and gravitas. As for the canvases, we frankly found them to be unexciting and since we had to be seriously stealthy in order to get a pic, we only have the Hulk pushing a wheelbarrow of flowers to show you from the Gagosian show. That being said, don't miss either of these wonderful kid-friendly exhibitions. For more pics see our roundup on facebook.


photo by Ryan McKeever for Gagosian Gallery



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