Meet Julie Heffernan

Julie Heffernan's Study for Self-Portrait Holding a World is our spring-spiration image and we asked Julie some questions about her favorite color and what piece of art she would hang in her home above all; judging from her incredible attention to detail and the play of light and shadows in her work you may not be surprised! For more about Julie, who received her MFA from Yale, check out her full biography with Mark Moore Gallery.

1. Where are you from? Peoria, Illinois!

2. What excites you about making art for kids? They are so honest; they know what's good and what's not good and cannot be swayed by such ephemeral things as the latest theory or fad.

3. What is your favorite color? Green

4. If you could have only one piece of art in your home, what would it be? Vermeer's Woman Holding a Balance.



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