Spring Picks for Young Readers

There's nothing like a lazy spring afternoon to remind ourselves of the pleasures of a good book. Simply add sunshine and a quiet corner to a spring book and presto, your child will be buried in the pages in no time. Below we share some of our favorite springtime reads from the inimitable Eloise to the classic children's tale Millicent and the Wind. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Millicent and the Wind, by Robert Munsch: This classic children's book from Canadian author Robert Munsch tells the story of Millicent, a girl who lives high in the mountains and who, in her loneliness, makes friends with the wind, that is, until real friends come along. A great lesson in friendship and imaginative play.

The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog, by Mo Willems: What does the pigeon do when he finds a hot dog on the ground? Well, with his appetite roaring he can barely restrain himself! This story written and illustrated by Mo Willems is both lovingly illustrated in a modern blocky style and hilarious as Pigeon wrestles with the voice of reason and his love of hot dogs.

Eloise in Brooklyn: Not a book per se but a wonderful set of illustrations from New York Magazine, illustrator Joana Alvilles reimagines the Plaza's most incorrigible young resident moving to Brooklyn and taking up residence at the Wythe Hotel. What havoc will Eloise wreck once she has access to social media? You'll have to read it to find out :)

Magritte's Marvellous Hat: A Picture Book, by D.B. Johnson: A lovely picture book that introduces young readers to the paintings of Magritte via the adventures of an industrious pup. Fitting because kids seem to naturally grasp Surrealism according to Wired's Geek Dad column. Read the full review on Wired for more.



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