Father's Day Gift Ideas with PULSE's Cornell DeWitt

Cornell Father's Day

Cornell DeWitt from PULSE Contemporary Art Fair curates his Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is just around the corner so we asked one of the artiest dads we know, Cornell DeWitt, Director of PULSE Contemporary Art Fair, to share his top Father's Day gifts. Plus we asked Cornell's daughter Rowan, to pick out her gift for her dad. Her pick? Shantell Martin's TODAY-SOMEDAY from LittleCollector.

1. I just got a Kindle Paperwhite and I love it. I studied literature as an undergraduate and I love actual books, so I resisted getting an e-reader for a long time. But I travel a lot - for work and leisure - and it just kills me to carry around big books. So I finally broke down and got this one. It's very simple and easy to read. I love and just read three books on a recent long trip to Asia; I never would have read that much had I had to carry the books around. It's a great gift for any dad who travels a lot, be it by subway or 737.

2. I love the Tie Bar! There are plenty of stinkers, but also a ton of great, on-point, trendy, and classic ties; all for around $15. I've long found it ridiculous to pay so much for ties. But since discovering the Tie Bar, I wear them all the time now and I look totally (like the) boss. Don't miss the accessories too, all for super-cheap: great tie clips, pocket squares etc. Rowan is a hugh Doctor Who fan, so now she is trying to get me to wear a bow-tie. I'm not sure that is going to work out... but a gift certificate from the Tie Bar would be a great Father's Day gift. [Editor's note: we picked this one because it matches PULSE's colors!]

3. The best thing about Father's Day? It's right in the middle of grilling season. Being a guy from Texas, I know that the most important thing about grilling is the meat. Fleischer's is where you get the best.



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