Inside "Out There" by Maria Brito

Take a peek insite Maria Brito's new book Out There which features work by many LittleCollector artists including Mickalene Thomas (Portrait de Priscilla Petite Chien, above), FriendsWithYou, Larry Moss, Sonni and Robert Jackson.

Larry Moss's Soup Can hangs above Sonni's Things at the Sea in Maria's sons' room. "I wanted my sons to have their own experiences living with contemporary art, so I listened to their opinions when selecting the pieces in the room" she writes.

Kenny Scharf's Cosmic Doughnut hangs above FriendsWithYou's Power Prism and Robert Jackson's "Swimming in the Fishing Hole." The wallpaper is by Morag Macpherson.

We're in Maria's Go-To Guide alongside some of our favorite art resources.

Pick up your copy of Out There from Pointed Leaf Press.



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