Have a hoppy & arty Easter!

At LittleCollector HQ we love spring and all the celebrations that go along with it, particularly Easter. So Chrissy has gathered together her picks for an an arty and crafty (and of course hoppy!) Easter to get you ready for spring to get your creative urges blossoming alongside the crocuses. From tasty bunny cookies to an unexpected (and resuable) easter wreath we've uncovered your Easter treasures early.

1. Peek-a-boo Bunny cookies via Etsy: Cookies via Etsy? How can you say no to these adorably decorated treats. For a how-to recipe to make your own click here.

2. Lace-wrapped Easter Eggs: I love the delicate and traditional look of these lace-wrapped eggs, plus it's an easy craft for little fingers.

3. Pastel Yarn Wreath: I like that this wreath is reusable and eco-friendly. Plus it's a great way to reuse old yarn. Get kids involved in choosing which balls to add and make sure the cat doesn't get near it!

4. Bunny Onesie: Available from Urth Child this onesie is super modern and too cute for words. A sure-fire hit with the stroller set.

5. Lamb by Nick Lamia: There's nothing sweeter than springtime on the farm and this little puffball by Nick Lamia is one of the loveliest springtime images we have on LittleCollector.



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