Pi Day!

Wayne Thiebaud, Pie Counter, 1963, The Whitney Museum of American Art (click here for more about this classic piece of Americana, and American art.)

Here at LittleCollector HQ we love science. And we also love food. So we're always thrilled when March 14th rolls around and we get to celebrate both Pi (3.14) and PIE!  Because, really, why not? Therefore, we've assembled our favorite Pi/pie themed pieces from around the web to get you excited about the magical number of pi and one of our favorite foods (strawberry rhubarb please!). Dig in & enjoy! We can't wait for March14th, 2015 (aka. 3.1415 ;)

Apparently there is a plethora of cutie + pi onesies out there. Get it??!

A pi ice cube tray. Do you think Ice Cube would dig it?

Finally, a Pi pie! There are a million pie recipes to choose from. We like Martha Stewart's Strawberry-Rhubarb Lattice Pie. Get the recipe here.

Editor Grace says, "I read this book in college when it first came out in Canada. If you think the movie was spectacular, the scenes Martel creates with words are infinitely richer and beyond your wildest imagination. Martel is a master storyteller and this book is a real gem."

Trey Speegle's letters P and I from his exclusive A-Z collection on LittleCollector, available here.




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