Celebrating Argo & the Oscars

Tired of the post-Oscar wrap ups and gossip? Neither are we! Honestly, we could read the best-dressed lists all day long. And we were pleasantly surprised though to see the Best Picture Oscar go to Argo, the film about the Iranian hostage crisis in the 1970s that was gripping, fascinating and not over the top. And coincidentally, today was also the day we discovered the wonderful photoblog Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton. Not unlike a street style blog, Stanton goes around the city photographing the characters who make the city what it is while adding wonderfully short and pithy descriptions of his encounters. And we were thrilled to discover farther back in his archive that he also made a trip to Iran and photographed people on the street there. In honor then of Argo, and of Stanton's wonderful work, we're sharing some of his incredible photos from Iran featuring some of the kids he met there - proof that kids everywhere are pretty much the same (and love rollerblading and SpongeBob). All images are copyright Brandon Stanton.



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