B is for Baker

Have you checked out our incredible giveaway yet for a first edition B is for Baker?  This brand new release on LittleCollector comes to you courtesy of acclaimed American photographer William Wegman whose work has been exhibited internationally, and who we've been dreaming of having on the site for a long time. We couldn't be more excited about this amazing collaboration!

Here is William's introduction to the edition:  " B is for Baker, inspired by the nursery rhyme "Pat-a-Cake," features Chundo, Fay's number one son and the go to guy for most of my leading man characters in the 90's. He was named after a giant of a man I met on a trip to the south of Chile in 1989. Chundo's willingness and grand sincerity and overall largeness made him a wonderful actor and model.
In B is for Baker, the set was simple, the costume appropriate. The cake was provided by my sister Pam and decorated by Chundo himself."

To purchase the print (starting at $40 for an 8x10) click HERE

To enter to win the first edition 20x24 size ($375 value) click HERE. Winner will be announced on facebook on December 25th.




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