Margaret Morrison at Woodward Gallery

Fisher Price people by Margaret Morrison

Big congratulations to our friend Margaret Morrison whose solo show "Child's Play" recently opened at Woodward Gallery. Now on view until December 22nd, it's a great chance to see Margaret's original oil paintings up close - believe us they're spectacular! We're particularly pleased to see Fisher Price People in the show - it's one of our favorites AND it's available as a limited edition exclusively through LittleCollector. Stop by Woodward if you're on the Lower East Side and meet the Artist Saturday, December 1st from 6-8pm at the Champagne Reception!

from the gallery:

Artist Margaret Morrison loves considering life from a child's point of view.  Life becomes mysterious and magical all over again. In “Child’s Play,” Morrison relives her world of imagination with giant robots, enormous pull toys, life size dolls, and Fisher Price people.  She observes from a naive perspective yet tantalizes the grown- ups with an undertone both scary and delightful at once.

Horse by Margaret Morrison



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