Get your kids inspired for fall

These two fall friendly art activities are the perfect way to engage kids with the season and to get them thinking about how to use atumn's bounty to create art. First up is a fun land art portrait project where kids can gather materials like twigs, pine cones, leaves and blossoms to create a self-portrait on the lawn or driveway. Have kids lie down beside their doppelganer for a fun Polaroid.

Next up are these fun leaf-mobiles which are more suitable for school age children. Make templates first out of construction paper for a bus, a car and a van, then have kids trace them out onto the leaves. Make sure the template are small enough to fit the leaves. You may also want to iron the leaves between two pieces of wax paper to flatten them before cutting out. And note that little kids may needs  a hand with the windows. Then simply pin to the wall or hang from the ceiling for a fun mobile!




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