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We sat down with ArtXplorers Founder Natasha Schlesinger to find out more about her program:

LC: What made you decide to found ArtXplorers?

NS: ArtXplorers started out just as engaging, participatory art tours for kids ages 3 and older.  When my now 15 year old was 4 years old, I started taking her to  museums and found that not all the programs at museums were great. I also saw the need to do a service for families of arranging tours at multiple museums and not just one.  As I have come from an all art background and had given tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and at Christie's, where i had worked in the past, I thought it was a great opportunity for a business. And so ArtMuse was born. At first i offered tours to kids and then added adult tours as well. A few years ago I also partnered with Mindy Mervis to create a multi-media platform called ArtXplorers that would offer videos, virtual tours as well as products and apps.  We are developing this now. In the last few months I have also expanded abroad to include tours being offered in London, Paris, Rome, Florence and other cities soon to come.

LC: For kids who don't live near an art museum or a gallery, what are your suggestions for keeping creative and accessing cool art?

NS: This is why we decided to create fun, short videos of virtual tours that kids can watch and get a taste of the art.  A lot of museums, such as MoMA or the National Gallery of Art in London, also have their own websites with interactive games for kids to play and learn about art in the collections. I would also always suggest to keep kids's own creativity alive by engaging in art creation, whether going to a park and sketching or using various materials in the house to create a cool collage.

LC:  What's your favorite color?
NS: My favorite color is lavender.  It's soft and subtle and dreamy.
LC:  Do you have any funny stories from your ArtfulXplorer tours?
NS: I don't have any particularly specific funny stories to tell but I can just say that I love having even the 3 year olds come on my tours as they always have the cutest responses to my questions and to the art in general.  They are genuine and bring their amazing imagination to every object that they come across.
LC: If you could hang any piece of art over your mantle what would it be?
NS: That is a very hard question for me to answer because I am very broad in my tastes in art: I love art that spans all periods and many cultures. I would have to have a rotating exhibit of favorite pieces above my mantle. I will just give you a few that I would choose: The Arrnolfini Marriage Portrait by Yan Van Eyck (National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.), A Chuck Close portrait, Portrait of Madame X by Sargent (Metropolitan Museum of Art), La Danse by Henri Matisse.
Below: La Danse, Matisse



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