Introducing Giotto's Fly

We are very excited to be launching a new print by Marc Dennis, whose hyperrealist paintings are to be found in top collections around the world. Perfect for a playroom or nursery, Marc kindly editioned his painting Giotto's Fly (can you spot him?) with LittleCollector to allow kids everywhere to grow up around great art. Starting at just $40 for an unframed 8x10, Marc Dennis and LittleCollector both believe that art should be a part of every home.

Read our intro to the edition below:

There are many famous animals in art history from Shepard Fairey's Obey Elephant to William Wegman's Weimeraners. But did you know that a simple realistic fly painted by Giotto on the canvas of his teacher Cimabue, plays a role in one of the greatest art lessons of all time?  Inspired by the tale of the fly so realistic it fooled his teacher, Marc Dennis painted his own version entitled Giotto's Fly featuring his daughter's favorite mylar balloons. Play Eye Spy with Giotto's Fly and see if you can spot him!

Marc Dennis is a renowned American realist painter whose work has been exhibitied internationally and is held in major public and private collections including the FLAG Art Foundation, the Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University and the Museum of Comparative Zoology at  Harvard University. The original painting of Giotto's Fly is part of the collection of John and Amy Phelan. He is represented by Hasted Kraeutler, New York.




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