Great Kids Rooms - Black & White

These 2 very different bedrooms are great examples how light and dark colors can each be used to make unique and unexpected spaces that are perfect for young teens who are transitioning out of traditional kids rooms. The above space uses a lot of whites and neturals but incorporates geometric patterns on the zig zag bed covers and in the surprising pop of dark color on ceiling. The arabesque of the carpet and the salon style tiles on the wall gives the room a Middle Eastern flair  and whimsy while also keeping the room from being too severe. We love how sophisticated and dreamy the overall look is!

The below room is perfect for a young teenage girl or boy in its use of dark slate with a hint of purple, muted colors and fabrics in the star wall hangings and the fun chartreuse lamp We also love the industrial latter on the wall and the fun repurposing of birdhouses for wall sconces. The bed is covered with girly fabrics to keep the bed cosy but keeps the room from being too kid-y. Which room is your favorite?




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