Roadsworth’s hearts

We know, we know, Valentine's day is over (phew!) but we couldn't help but post these photos from the latest series of urban interventions by Montreal street artist Roadsworth. I've actually been following Roadsworth's career for many years since I went to college in Montreal and remember his road stencils around McGill that included wonderful visual puns and simple gears and tools - a flat-headed screwdriver was a particular favorite . His images became so familiar that they became like signposts around the city and my route to and from campus and when the municipality would paint over them it always registered as a loss.

Says Roadsworth about his latest series Dead Hearts: "The hearts are a metaphor for dead spaces that exist in urban areas in particular, spaces that nevertheless exude a certain kind of soul. And yes, these dead spaces also speak of a certain kind of environmental neglect that is endemic of our time. Former industrial areas for example – and in cities around the world these areas are legion- which have been abandoned and which exist in a state of limbo of sorts. No longer are they used for industrial purposes but they are also often too toxic or problematic for whatever reason, to be exploited by developers or used by people. But aside from the physical spaces that these “dead hearts” occupy, they are also metaphor for a human state of being which is characterized by a sense of alienation, disconnection and general loss of soul that a modern urban world can bring about.  The dead hearts speak of loss but also of the beauty that is apparent once that loss is recognized."
via PSFK:

We still think they're beautiful.




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