Trey Speegle for Microsoft

A big big congratulations to LittleCollector's own Trey Speegle whose You Are Here was recently acquired by Microsoft for their headquarters in Silicon Valley. Trey is also undertaking a partnership with French fashion brand Armor Lux on for the Bread & Butter fashion trade show in Berlin, opening tomorrow. Speegle has exclusively designed a paint-by-number motif for a long sleeved top by the fashion brand where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the charitable organization Laughing Hearts. The donations will give disadvantaged children in Germany the opportunity to join sports clubs, pursue the hobbies and leisure activities they have always dreamed of and receive much-needed support and encouragement with their career aspirations. Congratulations Trey!!

We're so lucky to have Trey's He-Man (Battles Skeletor) which is exlusive to LittleCollector!




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