Decorating with Color in Children’s Spaces with Gretchen Schauffler

We were lucky enough recently to sit down with Gretchen Schauffler from Devine Color, one of the top paint lifestyle brands which recently debuted on HSN, to talk about how to best incorporate color into nursery design and children's spaces. In addition to running a fantastic company, she also writes a wonderful blog that includes examples of her room makeovers in a variety of trend-proof colors.

LC: Your approach to color is much more full-bodied and intuitive than simply what colors work on a wall with a given set of furniture. What goes on in your mind when you're developing a new color?

GS: Confidence! Devine Color is like an artist crayon box with colors that coordinate and compliment. Each paint color is crafted and tempered as a background (or stage color) so anyone can fill in their blank wall spaces without the fear of making mistakes. Knowing you have perfect colors to work with allows you to experiment and create environments that are both personal yet universally beautiful; like a great piece of art.

LC: What are your top design tips for kids rooms - particularly how would you suggest that parents use color to create spaces that kids can grow into and grow up in creatively?

GS: We all know paint is a great way to transition taste through time. As any parent will tell you, parenting is a process of letting go. I tell expecting parents to paint their baby’s room what they would want for their baby because at this point, the baby is an extension of them. I tell parents of young children to paint the room what the child instinctually chooses because at this point, parents want the child to express itself.  I tell parents of teens to let the teen experiment and to think of them as tenants because at this point, parents doubt the child can make any rational decision about color. Children grow up and move to dorm rooms, apartments, or rental houses they can’t paint. They share homes with others and have to color compromise. Their bedrooms at home are a perfect place for kids to play with color and build confidence about what they love before they go out into the world. My two daughters painted their bedrooms (themselves) before they went to college. The new colors represented a new sense of adulthood.

LC: Your line of sparkle paint is so fantastic! Where did that inspiration come from?

GS: Who doesn’t want a little sparkle in their life? I looked towards metallic trends in fabrics, leathers, and accessories along with fantasy. Whether you love Harry Potter or Harry Winston, Devine Silver or Gold Dust adds a sense of whimsy or elegance to paint. The more packets you add to a gallon of Devine paint, the more fantasy or glam; stunning when you use it to highlight stencil designs or stripes.

LC: Your trend-proof color collections are perfect for adults but what would you advise parents whose kids want their room to be hot pink?

GS: We have hot pinks, as a matter of fact! Perfect trend-proof hot pinks. But, if we don’t have the hot pink a kid wants, let me be the first one to say that we can have it custom made in the look of our sheens, to make it look like luxurious liquid fabric on walls.

LC: The paint may set the stage but do you have any favorite furnishings or accessories for kids spaces?

GS: I love baby/toddler shoes. I put my both my daughters first shoes in shadow box frames and hung them on walls.

LC: All Devine paints are part of a handmade artist palette. What one painting from art history would you hang in your own home if you could?

GS: I love this question and what it revealed to me about me! It must be my Spanish heritage and love for clever self-expression that makes me want an entire home full of Joan Miro. As hard as it is to choose, Dog in Front Of The Sun.



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