FriendsWithYou + LittleCollector = BFF!

We've been holding our breath with excitement about our latest collaboration with Miami-based design duo, FriendsWithYou and now it's finally here! We've been fans of their work for a looooong time and are absolutely tickled that they were kind enough to make a brand new image - exclusively for LittleCollector! Power Prism is part of FWY's prism series and he is both cuddly and cute while harnessing the power of full life living. We sat down with the artist team behind FWY, Sam and Tury, to get their thoughts of life, magic, friendship and jellybeans.

LC: Your new image for LittleCollector, Power Prism, is all about harnessing the power of the color spectrum to spread love and positivity to all who look upon it. Does the power come from the prism himself, the colors, the beholder, or all 3?

FWY: Its all three. When you engage the prism with your eyes then the magic has begun! Each color representing a different emotion like a cocktail tailored to bring you power.

LC:  If Power Prism was a jellybean what flavor would it be?

FWY: It would have so many layers of flavors you could taste every taste you have ever experienced and a few new ones as well. But it is very magical so don’t taste it.

LC: FriendsWithYou believes that happiness is a way of life and wishes really do come true, which every kid seems to know. Why do we seem to forget this as we get older?

FWY: Its all a choice. Some people feel more comfortable to behave all day. Or follow the way the system lays it all out for you, until you realize there is no real system. We are all the creators of whatever life we want to live. Kids and grownups alike have the power to do what they want, they just need to be reminded.

LC: The FWY aesthetic makes us think of Oscar Wilde's quote, "Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right thing." Thoughts?

FWY: Yeah that is so nice. I don’t think life is only simple though, since we are complex we are faced with a beautiful spider web of directions, emotions and thoughts. I think the reduction of all those things is a wonderful practice. So I agree mostly but I do recognize the complex and see it with kind eyes.

LC: Love, Magic and Friendship seem to be the keys to a happy life. What about doughnuts with sprinkles :) ?

FWY: Yeah whatever makes you happy do it, even doughnuts with colorful sprinkles sometimes. Being happy is a practice, you need to train your brain to let go of a lot of the control and problems we need to work out everyday. Embracing struggle and learning and change is also a good thing to do. We try to be be good people and do good work. We love our friends. And we wish everyone the best life they can ever dream of.



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