LittleCollector loves Airigami

LittleCollector's own Larry Moss, aka Airigami,  has been riding a the air currents of success with a wealth of features recently in the press. We're SO thrilled for Larry and couldn't be happier to feature 3 of his popped-art prints on LittleCollector. Yes, that means you can take home your very won Cezanne, Warhol and da Vinci.

In The Daily Mail (UK), accompanied by  a fantastic photo spread Larry says, "I've formed a smile and sculpted a memory and the memory will last longer than any balloon ever could," while the Mail notes that Larry's works are beloved "by all who stumble across them."

Larry is also featured in The Sun here, where he notes that Botticelli's Birth of Venus required the most balloons AND has an article in The Times of London.

Congratulations Larry!!! Your Airigiami always uplifts us :)



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