Katherine Newbegin in Photogrill

One of ArtStar's favorite photographers, Katherine Newbegin, was recently profiled on the excellent photography blog Photogrill in which she discusses her explorations of derelict buildings around the world, in particular her recent trip to Cambodia. If you've never read an interview with Katherine, she's one of those rare artists who speak as eloquently as her photographs do.

Katherine notes, " For me, breaking into spaces and exploring the traces of what has been left behind feeds my insatiable curiosity about these places and the people who occupied them. My hope is that the photographs create a stage for a story to be told, for the viewer to examine the remainders and piece together something that echoes within their own history. The work is deeply informed by the human relationships that took place in these spaces, but now only remain in the evidence left behind."

Read the rest of the interview here.



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