Laura Ball at Morgan Lehman

Laura Ball is undoubtedly one of the lovelist artists we have on LittleCollector with her soft watercolor palette and gentle images of animals, flora and fauna. Her image "The Gathering" depicts animals from all of the world's ecosystems (polar bears, a koala, an owl, pigs) around the Tree of Life which governs the rhythms and cycles of the seasons. But there's a lot more to Laura's work than meets the eye. Currently exhibiting at the prestigious New York gallery Morgan Lehman, Laura's new show Animus explores the feminine unconscious, Jungian psychology and classical mythology.

Mayukh Sen recently wrote a fascinating profile on Laura and the Animus show for Artlog. It's a heavier article that what we normally post but well worth a read and a peek at the gorgeous images in the  Morgan Lehman show here.

And for those in New York, catch Animus at: Morgan Lehman Gallery, July 7-August 19, 2011, 535 West 22nd Street, 6th fl, New York, NY.



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