LittleCollector loves Seth Neefus

In this week's newsletter we highlighted the collaboration between Abe's Peanut and one of LittleCollector's favorite Portland-based artists, Seth Neefus. We sat down (virtually) with Seth to ask about where his nostalgic color palette comes from and what his favorite thing to receive in the mail is.

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LC: What promoted you to collaborate with Abe's Peanut and Cynthia Hawthorne?

SN:  I have been working on my drawings with a story or overall feeling that I want them to express and I typically don't have the opportunity to work with a writer. So this concept of creating the artwork and then passing them on to have a story created seemed very much like a game that you could play for hours with friends, artists and writers, taking turns drawing and then creating a story or vice verse. I really like this idea and I think the finished product is something special and unique.

LC: Your work has such an nostalgic or old-fashioned palette, as though bathed in the glowing light of the past. Where does your sense of color come from?

SN: You basically hit the nail on the head with asking the question and answering it at the same time. My palette is completely inspired by the past, whether it is an old piece of wood with layers of paint on it or an illustration of the early 1900s. It has all settled into me and it pours out onto the pages that I draw in a natural and calm way.

LC: Abe's Peanut builds on the anticipation for the next postcard issue. Do you mind waiting or do you prefer instant gratification?

SN: Some of the best things in life take the longest to find.

LC: What's the best thing you've ever received in the mail?

SN: I can only think of a few letters from friends that I still have. But, I most say I was extremely happy to find these postcards in the mail yesterday! I believe they are one of the best things I have received in the mail.

LC: Stamps are an integral part of the postcard experience. Any favorites?

SN: Anything to do with nature, animals, music and the simple ways of life.

Seth Neefus, The Skylarks Sing and the Branches Show their Love.



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