Amazing New Artists on ArtStar

As Creative Director I get pretty excited when we begin collaborating with new artists. That couldn't be more true than with Langdon Graves and Firelei Baez. Both artists are young, incredibly talented, and creating work right now at the highest level. ArtStar will have limited edition prints by both these artists available soon.  I was even more excited when I learned that both Firelei and Langdon were showing work together in the same group show open now at Kravets|Wehby Gallery in Chelsea. The exhibition, titled Paperwork, also includes works by Saya Woolfalk, Nick Van Woert, and the street artist Cake. The exhibition, curated by Nina Chanel Abney, is comprised of young and upcoming artists whose work explores the manipulation of paper in all forms. It's a very refreshing show up until June 18 that I highly recommend checking out.

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Langdon Graves, Face First, from the exhibition Paperwork

Langdon Graves, Hands, 1 of 2 prints coming soon to ArtStar

Firelei Baez, Can I Pass?, from the exhibition Paperwork

Firelei Baez, from the series Natural Grooming

Firelei Baez, from the series 49 Days



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