Children's Art at the Guggenheim

The high point of my artistic career happened in the fourth grade. A painting I had made of a swan floating in tranquil blue waters (in the style of Canadian artist Ted Harrison) was picked by the local school board to be included in an annual survey of children's art at the local art gallery. And not to boast, but it was the second time it had happened, my first exhibited work being a pretty awesome painting of a clown that was picked for the same show in kindergarden. I remember bursting with pride as I was photographed in my matching pastel jean jacket and jean skirt combo underneath my painting at the gallery, which now hangs proudly in my parent's bathroom.

Which is why I get all tingly thinking about how the kids featured in the Guggenheim's A Year with Children exhibition must feel. I mean... the GUGGENHEIM! The exhibition features the work of school children who participated in the museum's Learning Through Art (LTA) program which places professional artists in classrooms citywide where they develop art projects related to the curriculum. The exhibition is on until June 15th so make sure you swing by to spot all the proud artists posing by their masterpieces.

Photo: Krisopher McKay, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York.



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