LittleCollector @The Affordable Art Fair NYC

The littleCollector team has been somewhat pokey in getting back to the blogosphere following AAF, mostly because we had such a great time and so much follow up to do with our new friends and collectors, but we'd be remiss if we didn't share some of our wonderful pics from the fair. There were innumerable highlights and we had a great response from all the kids and families who came by - Shepard's elephant was particularly popular among the 3-and-under set and one little French boy walked by numerous times chatting about the elle-lay-phon (french for elephant).

As co-sponsors of the fair we were lucky to have in addition to our booth, the LittleCollector Children's Lounge, which was a popular destination for little AAFers. We also hosted numerous events in the space including a talk by LittleCollector Educational Consultant Amanda Hendericks and Artist/Mom Laurie Riccadonna about engaging your kids with contemporary art, and a popular anime workshop with Gigi Chen.

One of the most fun was meeting different LittleCollectors and their families and seeing our art walk away to different corners of the world - Matthew Carden's Fast Food/Fast Cars series to Italy, Shepard Fairey to LA, Grace Weston to just down the street in New York...  We had such a great time that we're hoping to make it to AAF LA in January!

Below: a selection of pics of the LittleCollector booth and Gigi's workshop in the children's lounge. And stay tuned for news of events and worshops all summer  long hosted by LittleCollector!

LittleCollectors getting a drawing lesson from Gigi

Everyone hard at work!

Beautiful creations

Art can happen anywhere!



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