LittleCollector loves Morgan Spurlock

We've been fans of Morgan Spurlock and his thought-provoking films for a while and are very much looking forward to his upcoming release The Greatest Movie Ever Sold in theaters April 22. But did you know that Morgan, along with son Laken (4), are also avid art collectors? Chrissy Crawford Malone spoke to Morgan recently about Richard Scarry, Rod English and a four-year old's art collecting whims!

LC: Does your son have a favorite artist?

MS: My son’s room is filled with art, but he’s a big Ron English fan.  Ron made a book called “Son of Pop” that Laken spends hours pouring over. I think its only a matter of time before he starts making pyscho clown self-portraits.

LC: Does your son have input on the work that goes into his room, or yours?

MS: Whenever I buy paintings, Laken usually chimes in “Daddy, that one can go in my room!”  So we do some shifting and moving and then, naturally, it ends up in his room.

LC: What's his favorite illustrated book?

MS:  He loves Where the Wild Things Are, and any book by Richard Scarry or featuring the The Berenstein Bears.  Oddly enough, many of the same books I read!  Although he also has a soft spot for Mo Willems.

(Ed note: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems is one of our favorites!)

LC: Do you take him to museums and how do you help him engage with the art? I saw some little children with sketch pads at the Yoshitomo Nara Exhibition at the Asia Society. Would you even consider arming him with a pad and pencil in a museum?

MS: The pad and pencil idea at a museum is genius, I’m definitely stealing that.  I take him to art openings, museums and exhibits as often as possible.  He really loves to look at the art, I just have to keep him from touching it!  That’s why I try to balance these trips with actual “Hands On” art projects, that way he gets a real sense of creation through painting, modeling, clay, collage, etc.  We do a lot of art projects together.  Its our favorite weekend activity.

LC: Does your fridge double as an exhibition space?

MS: The fridge, the walls, the doors, you name it.  My whole house is an exhibition space for his artwork.  But what I also do is frame a lot of his paintings and hang them beside the work I collect.  He loves that and I think it really gives him a sense a value in the art, as well as collecting and creating.  I love the way he smiles when I hang up one of his pieces that has just come back from the framers.  It’s worth a whole wall of Warhols.



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