LittleCollector loves Tamra Davis

We love Tamra Davis and her fantastic cooking show, and LittleCollector founder Chrissy Crawford was lucky enough to talk to her recently about her kids Davis (7) and Skyler (6) and the role of art, music and cooking in their home.

In addition to her show, Tamra recently directed the movie Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child, an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival, and is working on a pilot for VH1.  The family currently resides between Tribeca and Malibu but Tamra admits, "our heart is in Malibu. Especially after a summer of surfing!"

LC: Do you encourage your boys to make their own movies? Would they rather be behind or in front of the camera?

TD: They haven't really discovered the art of filmmaking or cameras. They are pretty good in front of the camera. They are more interested in music and playing instruments and Davis is a pretty good songwriter. He has a few songs that he has written and preformed.

LC: We're big fans of your cooking show. Do your boys participate and what's their favorite meal?

TD: The kids are definatly involved in the making of my cooking show. Usually there is so much going on they are not aware that I am also filming. They love to eat and are mostly vegetarian. We eat local fish a bit. They know the difference between healthy food and junk food and why it's important to eat well. Parents give up too easy! They are starting to really experiment and eat new food and if they do they get a star. Lately they love Vietnamese food.

LC: How do you bring the arts into your home?

TD: They have a nice playroom filled with stuff and tons of instruments: a kid size pro drum kit, electric guitars and bass all with amps. They put together jams all the time with friends, both adults and kids.

LC: Does your fridge double as a family art gallery?

TD: They go to a pretty arty school so our walls are covered in their artworks. Usually when they go back to school, surfing is a big theme. I usually put the art on the wall and save the fridge for food!



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